What’s in a pond, anyway?

Coy about Koi

A few years ago my sister installed a koi pond in her yard.  If you’re anything like me, you probably think koi are gold fish that grew too big for the fish tank.  That’s not necessarily true, although both are breeds of carp.  

Since installing the pond, my nephew has grumbled about finding supplies for their koi.  Although we have a fish store literally three doors down from us, they carry little to no pond products.  My nephew has been asking me to carry pond products for about a year now, and with the collapse of the dog shows – and business – I decided “why not?”

I’ve been doing some reading about koi ponds on KoiPondInfo.com.  There is so much information on that site it will take me weeks, maybe months, to figure it all out.  So I cheated.  I put my nephew in charge of our pond section.  I asked him to set us up with the basics, to begin with, so here is what we now carry:

Hikari Gold Color Enhancing koi food – A floating food pellet that does not cloud the water and brings out a natural brilliant color.

Kaytee’s Koi’s Choice Premium Koi Food – Another floating food pellet that is a staple for your koi pond.

Kordon Pond NovAqua Plus –  A tap water conditioner which provides everything necessary to handle all of the needs when treating tap water for aquatic life (except nitrogen compound removal).

PondCare MelaFix Antibacterial Remedy for Koi and Gold Fish – All-natural antibacterial remedy rapidly repairs damaged fins, ulcers & open wounds. Treats fin & tail rot. 

I’ve also added a few pump filters and other algae cleaners to the inventory, so if you have or are planning to start a koi pond, look no further than Davis Pet Products for your basic needs!



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