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Stock Manager


A New Team

“The Davis booth”, as we are affectionately referred to, is where you will find Julie and Greg Sr at the shows on most weekends.  However, behind the scenes, Greg Jr and Alex are running the store, ensuring that the booth is stocked and the store shelves are filled. All the while knowing that at any minute they may be called to a show to help with the heavy lifting.  

Although many handlers are familiar with the Davis liver and chicken treats, most don’t know that Barb and Arlene are anonymously shopping for the cheapest meat prices, packing freezers with literally hundreds of pounds of meat, and spending their free time chopping and cooking bait for the next show.  If you have ever smelled pork liver cooking, then you can appreciate the work these two do to ensure that everyone has access to Davis’ lucky liver!

One of the biggest and most positive changes show-goers have seen from “the Davis booth” recently is our expanded and well developed social media and marketing presence.  Greg Sr. will gladly accept the praise for this at the shows, but it must be known that the wizard behind the curtain pulling all of the strings is Kristina, our social media and marketing expert.  Kristina is helping us transform from what we were to what we can be.  No easy task considering the decades of history we inherited, but Kristina is definitely the right person for the job!



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